For admission, you must bring your current insurance card(s) along with a valid state or federally issued photo ID, driver’s license, military ID or valid passport.

  • On arrival at Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center, you will be given a pager like those used in restaurants.
  • An admissions team member will page or call you by pager number to the registration area. After registration is completed, you will be asked to return to the lobby.
  • Once you are taken from the lobby to the pre-op area, visitors will be asked to remain in the lobby. (Exceptions are made for minors or special needs patients.)
  • Once pre-op preparation is complete, visitors may be able to sit with you while in pre-op until the procedure team is ready.


  • Once the patient is taken to the OR/procedure room, you will be asked to return to the lobby. Procedures take from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the actual start time and type of procedure performed. Please feel free to ask for updates at the reception desk.
  • Visitors accompanying patients are asked to remain at the center unless you were specifically informed that our schedule is running behind. Please inform the receptionist and turn in your pager should you decide to leave the Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center grounds. The receptionist will ask for your cell phone number in case we need to contact you prior to your return.
  • A staff member will escort you to the recovery area when the patient is ready for visitors.
  • Recovery can take up to 2 hours. The nurse will review discharge instructions with you and the patient prior to patient discharge.

Cell Phone: Please be respectful with cell phones in the waiting room. As a consideration to other patients and guests, we ask that you step outside to take or make phone calls.

Tablets & Laptops: Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center provides free Wi-Fi. Please be courteous with tablet and laptop use. Earbuds or headphones are encouraged.

Refreshments: Lakeland Surgical & Diagnostic Center offers free coffee and hot chocolate in the lobby. Our Florida Avenue facility also has vending machines with additional drinks and snacks. If you bring food to the facility, please eat at the tables outside the main entrance in consideration of those in the lobby who are not allowed to eat.